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There once was a time when reaching a highly targeted audience required significant investment. When building credibility within a community required a workforce and proprietary content. There was a high cost of entry to build a conference which minimized options for those seeking relevant education and networking. There has been a movement for years now […]

As you may have noticed, I added a toolbar by Wibiya to my blog. I loved this toolbar because it lets you customize how your viewers can interact with your site – it includes social sharing, allows viewers to translate your site, subscribe to your blog, it shows recent posts and allows users to donate […]

QR codes have been gaining in popularity for a while now…but in 2010 we saw a big upswing in the use of these 2D codes within events. If this¬†Google traffic trends report for QR Codes doesn’t reinforce this point well enough, let me tell you that “QR Codes Events” is the second highest search term […]

Collective buying sites like Groupon are popping up all over the internet. These sites can translate to amazing value to both the buyer and the seller alike. If you’re not familiar with them, in a nutshell they offer a feature product or service at an unbelievable deal to subscribers who have signed up to learn […]

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I have thousands of connections on Twitter, almost a thousand connections on Facebook, hundreds on LinkedIn, hundreds of blog subscribers, thousands of contacts in my address book and hundreds that blog that I follow in my reader. I get dizzy just thinking about the number of connections I have. Many overlap connection points – I […]