sunday spark: are you ready for the change…it's already here

Education-guru, Jeff Hurt, posted this video to Facebook and I thought it was a great topic of discussion for Sunday Spark.


One of the hardest things we face is change. Heck, if my husband puts the toilet paper roll on upside down I’m beside myself. It’s natural to want things to stay the same and to believe that because it once worked for us ‘that way’, it’ll work just as well for everyone else. But each generation is shaped by their own major events and realities. The internet and social media to people in my generation and beyond wasn’t natural – we had to learn it and we had to shift our thinking to understand it. But for those generations who grew up with computers in their homes and schools think…well, let’s face it, they don’t think about it…it just is.

The Youtube video above was about a child asking educators to understand and relate to digital natives. Imagine replacing the word “educators” with “employers”. That same child is going to enter the workforce in about 15 years. Bah, 15 years is a long time. But wait a second…every year that goes by new blood is pumped into our industry. That’s new blood that is naturally more comfortable in a digital world than you. My challenge for you this week is:

Instead of saying: “This new generation just doesn’t get it because ________ (fill in the blank).”.

Ask yourself: “What do I need to do to adapt to this new generation?”.