Cold calling. I have yet to meet someone who loves it. Those two words responsible for more anxiety and cold sweats than “hungry dinosaur” and “disgruntled mailman”. If you’re anything like I was, you would rather pluck your eyelashes out one by one than make a call. But would you believe that I (someone who […]

Want to win more pitches? Flip the risk.

Ah, summer. The season of weddings. And the time when stressed out guests scramble in search of appropriate celebration attire. That was me about a year ago. I had 3 – count ‘em – 3 weddings to attend. And a closet full of ‘nothing to wear’. So, I went on an exhaustive search for the perfect dresses. And […]

The secret guide to getting (important) sh*t done. Step 1: read this post.

Anything that’s in short supply has value. Holy smokes. To see this theory in action, just witness how precious my jar of Nutella becomes when it’s getting low. Newsflash: Life is busy. It’s teeming with things to do. But time, on the other hand…time is fleeting. We value time. We wish we had more of it. […]

With so much choice available to consumers today, businesses are finding it harder and harder to stand apart on products or services alone. Smart businesses are injecting their brands with personality. Why is personality so important? Because at the core of human nature, people do business with other people they know, like and trust. A […]

The social media oversight that’s costing you thousands.

“I bet I can chop more wood than you in one day”, said one woodcutter to another. With that one statement, the race was on. Each man took up their positions and for a while they were neck and neck. After an hour, the one woodcutter heard the other taking a break. “This is my […]