The ultimate guide to selling when you hate sales

I sat at my desk, hands folded on my lap, staring at my phone. I sat for a long time like this. It’s as if I was waiting for the phone to give me a pep talk. Then, a brilliant thought came to mind. Maybe I should check Facebook…after all, one of my posts might have gotten a LIKE. […]

The 1 thing your competitors can’t steal

A small, independently-owned dry cleaner in Portland, Oregon posted a sign outside of their storefront that garnered international media attention and local pride. It read: “If you are unemployed and need an outfit clean for an interview, we will clean it for FREE.” A movie theatre in Austin, Texas, called the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, shot to […]

Your words are being ignored. Here’s why.

“Life is too short” I’ve heard this saying so many times in my life. So many times, in fact, I stopped hearing it. It’s cliché. It lacks impact, so it’s become white noise. Something, that when uttered, falls somewhere into my sub-conscious only to be buried away in the depths of my brain with other […]

What “You’re too expensive” really means (& how to beat it)

  You: “Good afternoon. I just wanted to follow up on the proposal I submitted last week.” Prospect: “Ah, yes. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to submit your quote. I’m afraid that we’ve decided to go with someone else.” You: “Can I ask why?” Prospect: “You were just too expensive.” Shortly […]

Are you soaking your customers with dirty water?

As I stood, shivering in the rain, at the side of the road trying to hail a taxi during rush hour on one of the busiest streets in Manhattan, I was reminded how cruel life can be. Just then, an occupied cab raced by me and right through a puddle, splashing me with the blackened juice […]