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We’ve seen crowdsourced graphic design, crowdsourced recruiting and, yes, even crowdsourced sales forces. Is it so hard to believe that we’ll be seeing crowdsourced event, wedding and meeting planning some time very soon? What is crowdsourcing? The idea behind crowdsourcing is that tasks, normally done by employees or contractors, are outsourced to a community of […]

There once was a time when reaching a highly targeted audience required significant investment. When building credibility within a community required a workforce and proprietary content. There was a high cost of entry to build a conference which minimized options for those seeking relevant education and networking. There has been a movement for years now […]

The following is a guest post by Heidi Thorne, a promotional products marketing expert and social media cheerleader. I always look forward to attending the summer Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) promotional products trade show in Chicago. What struck me at this year’s show was how much paper is still used for brochures, directories, catalogs, etc. […]

What is #eventprofs? Eventprofs is a community of smart and digital savvy event professionals from around the world who come together online and in person to discuss progressive topics relevant to our industry – all with the intent of improving our businesses and, in turn, the Events Industry. When and how did #eventprofs begin? Eventprofs […]

A long time ago there was a shoe cobbler. He made the most beautiful hand-crafted shoes and was renowned throughout his village for his creativity and attention to detail. He was so busy working on the town’s shoes he didn’t have time to outfit his children. Instead they wore their old and tattered shoes on […]