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Communities of the 'like minded'

It’s only natural to want to be around people just like us. It feels good when others agree with us. It makes us happy when people understand us, have similar backgrounds, goals, dreams. Social media has amplified our ability to connect with people just like us – although they might well be geographically diverse, they […]

Thank you to everyone who submitted a blog to the Eventprofs Blog Awards! We received over 40 submissions and have seen some fantastic event industry sites. Over the weekend the judging panel reviewed the submissions to ensure they were in the correct categories and met the award guidelines. Although there was a phenomenal list of […]

The following is an article I wrote for my Connections column in Event Solutions Magazine. So what if you’ve amassed a thousand fans on Facebook? So what if you have hundreds of blog subscribers? So what if you’re neck in neck with Lady GaGa for twitter followers? What are you doing to turn those social […]

The big shift in the events industry

There used to be a distinct divide between the special event, wedding, trade show, conference and meeting industries. Each with their own affiliations and events, specialized publications, distinct vendors and industry figureheads. Sure, there may have been some overlap, but for the most part they were distinct silos on the vast land of the events […]

There’s a new iphone / ipad app on the scene that is garnering a lot of buzz…and for good reason. The Super Planner is an event industry app developed by Howard Givner, and is one of the most in-depth mobile tools on the market today. It is a digital encyclopedia of industry calculators convenient enough […]