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The following is a guest post from the fabulous Brian Slawin, Principal of Busy Event. I first met Brian in the Philippines at a conference we were both presenting at. I was so impressed by his humor, his Belinks product and his great presentation, I asked him to create a blog post for me on […]

A number of years ago the word on everyone’s lips was ‘stickiness‘. When it came to your website you wanted people to be so engaged that they stuck to your site like flies to fly paper. Last year at the Ad Age conference, the VP of Marketing for Pizza Hut, introduced the term ‘slipperiness‘ into […]

It’s that time of year again! The Eventprofs Blog Awards are back for their 2nd year and will celebrate our community and the thought-leaders who help to propel it forward. I’m thrilled to share that the Awards will be presented this year at Event Camp Twin Cities, taking place in Minneapolis, MN on September 8th […]

This morning I was running through some of my LinkedIn connections and was rattled by what I saw…person after person claiming to be a Social Media Expert. Roles like: Event Planner / Social Media Consultant, Real Estate Agent / Social Media Coach lay littered throughout my contacts pile along with ‘new’ one-man-shop companies magically replacing […]

We’ve seen crowdsourced graphic design, crowdsourced recruiting and, yes, even crowdsourced sales forces. Is it so hard to believe that we’ll be seeing crowdsourced event, wedding and meeting planning some time very soon? What is crowdsourcing? The idea behind crowdsourcing is that tasks, normally done by employees or contractors, are outsourced to a community of […]