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How to build an irresistible brand manifesto

The 2nd most talked about Superbowl 2012 ad, according to Gnip, was the “It’s halftime in America“ spot featuring Clint Eastwood for Chrysler . It was a rallying cry, not a commercial bestowing Chrysler’s many features. It was a fine example of a manifesto.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

Last week I wrote about the importance of building a business based on sustainable ideas, not on a comparison to your competitors. With an explosion of consumer choice and a post-recession mentality, we’ve seen a rise in what has been coined the Spend Shift Movement – consumers are shifting from “mindless consumption to mindful consumption”, choosing businesses that don’t just meet their needs, but reflect their values.

Standing for something has never been more important than it is today. And that begins by defining the ideals, beliefs and philosophies that govern your business.

Build Your Manifesto

A manifesto is a declaration of your principles, policies, or intentions. In business, it’s your rallying cry – creating clarity for your customers and employees on what you stand for and reminding you what’s truly important. It pulls everyone in your organization together with a set of ideals that allow you to work as one.

It’s often the place I begin with my customers so that I can understand them, who they serve and where they do their best work.

To build your manifesto, answer the following questions:

  1. What do you believe / what drives you?
  2. What do you NOT believe?
  3. What were some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in the past few years?
  4. What do you wish your customers would learn?
  5. What do you do consistently, even if you have to fight for it?
  6. What do you wish every employee in your organization focused on?
The following is a recent example of a manifesto I built for a client who believes in consistently delivering the unexpected.

how to build a manifesto How to build an irresistible brand manifesto


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  • LauraC

    A manifesto can help to really focus a company’s ethos. I think you’re spot on about not comparing yourself to your competitors, you need your own identity.

  • LaraMcCulloch

    @LauraC Thank you, Laura. Great site, by the way.

  • JenzieAquilia

    It’s so true that people are being more mindful on where their money is going these days… which will eventually allow the ethical companies to succeed.  Awesome article, thanks for the inspiration!


     @JenzieAquilia Thanks, Jenzie. I’m glad you enjoyed it.