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Over the past couple of months, I’ve been to New Orleans, Trinidad, New York and in the coming weeks I’ll be adding Las Vegas and Boracay, Philippines to the list. My name is Lara and I’m a frequent flyer. For those of you who also live out of a suitcase, this one’s for you. Meet Touted as a site ‘for those who travel, those who are curious, and those who can’t commit’, the site is overflowing with TSA-friendly health & beauty products for men and women..and is getting a lot of buzz.

As with many great new business ideas, was born out of an untapped customer need. Let me share Alexi & Kate’s (the founders) story…

Kate wasn’t willing to give up her daily beauty regime and carried her full- sized beauty products everywhere she travelled. She couldn’t be bothered spending hours shopping multiple locations searching for the TSA approved size products. Alexi was willing to spend hours going store to store buying her beauty products in TSA approved sizes so she could carry on her luggage. In addition to her anxiety about lost luggage Alexi had a fear of commitment, so buying full sized products put her into a full panic; travel sized products were the perfect solution.
Alexi stopped shopping for her TSA approved beauty products and started using Kate’s full- sized products when they were traveling together. This did not work for two reasons- Kate HATED sharing her beauty products and Alexi was SICK of waiting for her at the airport while she checked her luggage.

The Compromise: Alexi and Kate created, as a one stop shop for all of your favorite TSA friendly beauty products.

How’s this for convenience? When you purchase, you have the option of having your purchases shipped directly to you or your hotel. Frequent flyers, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

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