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I came across an amazing product called Toletta on, yes, you guessed it, springwise (my weekly candy). Being a bit of a packaging freak – i.e. I love a good package design, I instantly fell for this product. Toletta is the world’s first premium brand of paper toilet seat covers.

As they say, necessity breeds innovation and this product idea was no exception. Dora Cardenas, Toletta’s co founder and VP of communications, explains: “The product concept came to me and my husband while we were trying to find small travel packs of disposable paper toilet seat covers to use ourselves. Not only was I shocked to learn that travel packs are hard to find, but the products we did find didn’t have any ounce of style or quality tissues. All the products we found looked and felt like something you would find in a camping supply store—not exactly something retail stores and supermarkets would be proud to carry on their shelves.”

So, she and her husband answered this need with the softest tissues on the market, 20% larger and 42% thicker than other brands. And consumers can feel happy about their purchase. A percentage of proceeds help support breast cancer (pink package) and child poverty awareness (blue package).

Toletta will be available for sale on their website in February. They will be selling to selected retailers and distributors in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, West-South Africa, Egypt, Israel, France, Asia, Switzerland, Baltic States and South America (and probably a few more). With a retail price of $1.25 – $1.65 USD, sign me up!

So what does Toletta have to do with events?
How fantastic would it be to hand out this product at a festival, outdoor concert or event…where bathrooms can be, well, nasty.
Got any other ideas?

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